What trying Stitch Fix taught me about myself.

Stich Fix Box of Goodies
Stich Fix Box of Goodies
The fix is in!

My facebook feed has been blowing up with ads and friends mentioning Stitch Fix. As it happens, having lost some weight recently, I was in desperate need of some new clothing, so I decided to give it a go. Step 1 was filling out a style profile, which really means getting to click on pics of what you like! I love doing that! You also fill out information about your body shape (pear – that’s way less fun for me to do).  They ask you if there are any items you don’t want and what you do want. One thing I didn’t mention was that I have been obsessively wanting a pair of really nice white linen pants. Summer, hope , and joy are all wrapped up in a pair of great white linen pants (which must mean I live in fantasy -land, because with an active 7 year old who likes to climb on me, how can I possibly keep them clean?)  However, I just answered the questions about style and waited to see what I would receive. I figured, let the stylists handle it all.

The day the Stitch Fix box arrived (super cute box, btw) I was so giddy! My kids were laughing at how excited I was! So, I pulled out one shirt that I instantly loved, followed by another shirt I was more iffy on and then….a pair of gorgeous, white linen pants. They looked like the pants of my dreams. I couldn’t wait to try them on. I ran upstairs, whipped my clothes off and slipped them on. They felt like a dream.  I sat down in them, still, felt amazing. Then, I looked in the mirror. Hmm. “Maybe I need better light,” I thought. I opened the shades. Still, hmm. I didn’t like how they looked, especially from the back. I admired the fall of the fabric and that you couldn’t see through them. I tried a different shirt. But still, something was off. I looked in the mirror again and though, well, if I lost 5 pounds, these would be perfect! These would be my dream pants.


Let’s reflect on that for a moment. These are pants I haven’t even paid for yet, and my first thought it, how can I modify my body to fit these pants. No! Just No NO NO! And yet, I had to sleep on it to realize how silly that was.

I used to do that with my relationship. Wonder how I can mold myself into something that worked for him instead of looking for something that already fit me. I can see it now. All this time that I’ve been spending by myself, allowing myself to hurt and feel. It has taught me that I can’t lose 5 pounds to make the pair of pants I like, fit. The reality is, those aren’t the perfect pants. They don’t fit now. They don’t fit the person that I am. If I am the person that I want to be, then find what fits now. If I’m not, then lose 5 pounds and then buy pants that actually fit me then. I sent the pants back. It turns out, I tried on a really old pair of jeans and they fit me perfectly. Like a dream. And looked amazing with my Stitch Fix shirt. So I love Stitch Fix, not just for the great shirt, sweater, and necklace, but more importantly, the lesson it reminded me of.


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