Ideas for self-care

Self-care was a concept I wasn’t familiar with. In fact, if you had mentioned it to me 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have listened very well. Now, I understand the need and how valuable it is. The concept is, make sure that you are solid. The better you are, the more you have to give. I really thought that constantly giving past my breaking point was showing how un-selfish I was. Instead, I burned out and had much less to give the people I care most about. And, I felt a bit resentful that I spent all my energy attempting to make other people feel good and it wasn’t happening for me (yeah, I know, a little lack of personal responsibility there, but I’m a work in progress). You aren’t being selfish by making sure you are all good, you are being healthy.  Here are two quick lists of free and non-free self-care ideas to get you going.

Free ideas for self-care.

Ideas for self-care to help you get you feeling great again.

Hope that helps you get started! Leave any ideas or how they work for you down in the comments below.

xo Annkristine

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