How I got here

I had no idea that you could be getting divorced from someone you actively loved. I’m not sure why I was so naive about that, but it’s where I was. However, this isn’t that story. This is about how, after a little more than a year of hiding out, licking my wounds and giving myself time to grieve, that I want to start finding my passions again. Finding that sunny girl who was carefree and thrilled about the little things in life. I loved being that woman-child and I can see she got lost somehow. I’m finally feeling ready to fly and explore and I thought I’d share that, missteps and all to see if anyone else could relate. 🙂

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2 Replies to “How I got here”

  1. I can relate on a totally different level about finding myself again. I am rooting for you and can’t wait to see how your path unfolds!

    1. Thanks Jen! Having people rooting for me has been one of the best ways that I started understanding how to give to myself again!

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