Hanging Garden


So, I was walking on the beach the other day when I stumbled upon it! Buried in about 30 pounds of seaweed, I could see a corner of driftwood. I’d been hoping to find some driftwood to work with in my garden. Once I unearthed it (a 10-minute project), I could see that it was just what I needed to finish up the hanging planter I’d been working on.

I’m ridiculously excited about this hanging planter for my garden. There is something about creating things for my garden that has been making me feel alive lately! Maybe it’s that I bought my ex out of our house and I feel ownership. Or maybe it’s just that I get to use the creative, fun side of my brain when I do it? In any case, I’m in love with creating art for my garden.

This is what I used:

  1. a drill
  2. 3 silver planters from the dollar store
  3. rope – also from the dollar store
  4. stainless steel eye hooks from the dollar store
  5. s hooks from the dollar store

As you can tell, I got almost everything from the dollar store. Obviously not the drill, but hopefully you have one on hand or can borrow one. If not, you can use a screw instead, it just takes longer.

So, grab your drill (or screw) and create three holes in the bottom of the silver planters. I used the largest drill bit that I had so the holes would drain well. As these planters aren’t super sturdy, you are going to press down VERY firmly with the drill. If you feel like the drill isn’t doing anything, you need to press harder. It will go through very quickly with enough pressure. Now you have your drainage holes. I also filled the bottoms of my planters with pistachio shells. The shells are biodegradable (over a period of a couple years) and keep things draining well, plus it was really fun to feel like I had a use for the shells. 🙂

You will also need to drill a hole on the right and left sides of the planter, about a half inch from the top. These are the holes that your S hooks will go through. I measured a half inch and made a dot with my trusty sharpie and then drilled through so each side would be even. If you are feeling like winging it, then go for it! A little lopsidedness will just add to the charm.

Before putting the rest together, go ahead and plant the planters. Add potting soil and seed (which you can also find at…the dollar store!) Fill the soil and stop just below the holes on the sides. Use a pencil and make holes 1/8 inch deep for most herb mixes of seeds.

Once planted, decide what length between planters you’d like. I opted for 12 inches to give the herbs plenty of room to grow. I cut two pieces of rope. I tied the knots at equal lengths on each side and secured the rope to the driftwood that I love. Once those ropes were hanging, I went ahead and attached “s” hooks to each planter and then hooked those into each knot. Once all three were affixed, I clipped on the mini chalkboards and wrote the name of the seed. I watered just the top for a couple weeks and the herbs started flourishing. I added a sand dollar for garnish and hooked some other canisters on the other parts of the driftwood.

I hope you enjoy this and please share if you decide to make one yourself! xo K


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