6 Best Tips for a Great School Year

After the first week of rejoicing that our kids are back in school comes the reality of making sure that the year goes as smoothly as possible! I pulled these 6 categories of things that I need to keep up on to make this happen! Morning routine, lunches, organizing, dinners, homework, and sleep are the key points for my kids (and really, the happiness and flow of my home.) Hope this helps some of you be able to get it together for 2017-2018 (and me too!)

Morning Routine:

Checklists for morning routine give kids a sense of accomplishment and mean you don’t have to say it every morning, win/win! Love this cute one from today’s parent. Click here for the printable.


By the end of every year, I dread making lunches! I end up with the same thing and I’m bored. I love this article with gorgeous photos showing you different ideas for healthy lunches! They even have some lunch box ideas. I usually throw in a note on Mondays since I’m inspired at that point. 🙂 I pick something I love about them and tell them that. I like to think it makes the lunch taste better (I’m such an optimist!)


Quick and Easy School Lunch Ideas from The Dating Divas


Making sure that your kids have everything they need to succeed in school can be tricky. This article has some great tips for making sure your kids have what they need to handle homework, time management, and workspace management. I need to re-read this every week for a while to make sure I’m actually implementing these ideas, they are great!

Get your child organized for school



With all my kids’ activities, making sure I have everything I need for dinner and that it’s ready when they need it can be a challenge. I’ve been trying out some of the food prep services, like gobble and hellofresh.  I’m liking Gobble right now since the meals are really quick to put together and have been kid approved so far! Check out this article that compares the various services out there! Also, for meals on the go, I’m a big fan of having a stash of nuts and fruit in snack baggies for an easy last minute desperate move. 🙂

Review of 6 of the meal prep services:

I tried 6 home meal delivery services…here is my comparison


Reuters just did a study on why it’s important that kids get enough sleep (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-parenting-child-sleep-idUSKBN18S6F8), however, the issue I have is making sure that it actually happens! Here are some tips on setting up the environment to make that a reality:



If your child gets stressed about homework, this article has some great tips on how to help them calm down and alleviate stress. Mine do, so these tips, in conjunction with the organizational ideas, are life savers!


What else do you think we need in order to have the school year be as breezy as possible? Drop a line in the comments and let me know, please!

Have a great school year! xoxo K

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